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Inner HeArtwork

&  faith-based guidance to renew & restore your spirit.

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Creative Freedom that focuses on Creative Wellness

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Creative wellness plays an immense role in:
our spirituality
our lifestyle, everyday relationships
& well-being 

Since being a multifaceted creative for ten years, I understand there is a demand for creativity that is whole and nourishing. As a professional fine artist who has worked with numerous institutions and communities that require creative wellness, I have experienced the power creativity has to refuel, stabilize, and replenish the mind, body, and spirit. We then journey from a complete void to experiencing a creative lifestyle that is boundless and finally restored. 

Group sessions with gentle and compassionate teaching

Workshops for you to learn how to be your truest self in creativity and spirituality. In group sessions, you and I get to partner with one another to overcome creative blocks, get in touch with the spirituality that fuels our creativity, and develop habits that we can apply in every aspect of your lifestyle.

***  As Daria` plans for the upoming year please come back to check for workshops. 









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