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Wife, mommy, creative teacher, and follower of Christ

Mural located in Florence, Al


 Dariá (pronounced "Dare-ree-aye") began her career in the arts and Arts in Health field in 2018 which allowed her to see the bigger vision of what her community was in need of.  Before, she was working full-time in a hospital setting as a tech when she felt God push her into purpose. Her husband encouraged her as she leaped on Faith and left to be a full-time artist. Today Daria` uses art to create a welcoming environment at Huntsville Hospital and continues her mission outside of the healthcare community. 

She strongly believes that working in a creative hospital setting over the years plays a huge part because it has allowed her to see the needs of people.  While attaching her work to Faith, Daria` believes that art and visual imagery have even more power than words to solve matters.

It was then that she had dreams of expanding her Fine art studio to provide public health opportunities to sustain the future, nourishing the mind and well-being of others. Dariá collaborated with and continues to work with organizations within the Huntsville community nourishing creativity through facilitation. These communities include Alzheimer's and Dementia, programs associated with the Arts in Medicine program at HH for Women and Children, Rehabilitation communities, and much more. Dariá enjoys speaking about how arts and wellness can benefit others.

Dariá's art within the Studio & Co. involves healing and nostalgia with in-depth meanings that highlight and become the voice for her artwork. Dariá is allowing her Faith to become the groundwork of her creative process. Her artistic goal is to shift and break the mold of what divine creativity is perceived as. She also thrives in murals from small to large scales, aiming to transform communities through meaningful work. 


Creating work that has the power to transform minds and transform the environment, helps her to recognize and identify with her purpose as an intermediary to intercede. So, she sees her work as a message of hope and healing and something unforced but, unavoidable—graceful but, powerful.

Words from Daria` Hammond

Sometimes I see artists with so much skill, put faulty feelings and their own weighed-down emotions and allow these factors to motivate and inspire their art. But what use is art for if a buyer collects a painting that has so much pain, pride, or anger behind it? If healing through art is such power, don't you think that art can have the power to degenerate individuals and their environment as well? That is why my creative process is very crucial to me. I know I am successful in my creative process when I see the reactions of my art collectors. I've received testimonies of my collectors crying and in awe of the commission works they'd invested in. I've also experienced an entire neighborhood receive freedom just from looking at a mural I've painted. Moments like this are what strengthen me as a problem-solving artist.

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