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As an artist and established muralist, I have worked with industry professionals, commercial corporations, and healthcare organizations. Through creativity I aim to drastically transform environments and engage with communities by creating intentional and aesthetically pleasing art in private and public spaces. I have also applied my knowledge of creative wellness in many settings. In addition to facilitating expressive creativity, my art embodies a faith-based line of art with heart-searching, in-depth meaning sparked through visions, prayer, and my relationship with Christ. 

From portraiture to abstract my murals are designed to soothe the spirit and add a touch of beauty to any environment.

Art that revitalizes... Art that beautifies.

Hey Art Lover,

Though my planning process is intentional, the actual painting process entails a bundle of emotion, delicate textures, accidental drips, and unplanned strokes of color that contribute to my message. Creating work that has the power to heal minds and transform homes is invigorating.  I hope that you not only appreciate the character and beauty my work brings as I do but, also the message that lies beneath the surface.


While I balance life as a Mommy, a wife, and a creative being, I release work one by one as I find time to co-create with God.  

Love Notes

This 2 week-long drip collection entailed healing concepts of art on 4x4" pieces of block wood. Concepts sparked dialogue on topics like Faith, insecurity, and trust. Through prayer, worship, and painting, collectors got a chance to hear Heaven through art.

Image by Patrick Hendry

Populations I've worked with are Alzheimer's and Dementia, intergenerational, K-12, and support groups


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