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Please use the list below to send a detailed inquiry.


Site location

Giving me a site location in addition to its surroundings gives me a head start on research for any mural project. For residential murals, it always helps when you give me interior design details + your location.


Preferred start and due date

Turn around time for mural commissions are typically 5 -16 weeks from the date I began working on specified site.  A schedule consisting of initial start date and completion will be agreed upon beforehand.


The dimensions of the mural wall + your budget if applicable.


Murals are priced according to size, complexity of artwork, and details which range from $10 - $15 per Sq. Ft.  


Your favorite painting of mine. 

Knowing your favorite painting of mine gives me a good idea of your personal aesthetic only through my style of work. Even if you have multiple favorites, you can always tell me what you like about each piece of work!


What style? (Abstract, words, portraiture, etc.)

Does your vision include mostly shapes, calligraphy/words, portraiture, etc.? You can also give me colors that you resonate with. Later in the process I will create a suggested color palette. 


Your "why" behind public art in the specified location.

Knowing your company or personal goals allows me to create work to especially meet needs of what ever audience. It is very important to me to make sure that my clients and I are on the same page when creating purposeful art!

Contact or fill out the contact form for any creative project or mural inquiry. Don't forget to go over my topic list so I can learn more about your vision, company goals, and aesthetic vibe!


Brief Timeline


Site Visit

Once the estimated quote is approved, a site visit will be scheduled. The site visit is an initial consultation going over ideas and  suggestions. I will also ask detailed questions that may not have been covered via email and take plenty of photos. Usually these visits last no longer than 30 minutes.



After the site visit, a detailed proposal + quote will be sent for your approval. Your proposal will discuss subject matter, schedule/timeline, materials, etc. 


If you desire a painted concept before the commencement of work an invoice will be sent as well. 

$50 digital concepts

$150 hand painted concepts



If not already provided, a detailed artist agreement will be sent once the concept is agreed upon.

Then, your 1st installment (50% non-refundable) will be due in order for me to commence work on site. Your last installment will be due on completion day.  

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