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Prophetic Commissions

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About my Commissions

Because all of my work is centered around the heart of Christ, commissions impact, uplift, and edify the collector on a deeper level. A collector gains a visual interpretation of God's heart for them. It becomes less of what I as the artist have to say and more about what the Lord has already Spoken. Because a co-creating process takes place, my Prophetic commissions are never considered intuitive work. This is where  I pray, worship, and create with the ultimate Creator. The process becomes selfless as I allow the Lord to lead me through painting, colors, vision, and much more.

1 Corinthians 14:1-4


A 50% deposit(non-refundable) will be required if your inquiry is accepted, while the last installment will be due once the work is completed and viewed by the collector.  I only accept up to 2 commissions each month! I will take your stories and turn them into a beautiful masterpiece that will capture your unique journey.  Every piece will become an unexpected masterpiece and a one-of-a-kind gift. Share as much as you like! Most clients send prophetic recordings, audio messages, their life's journey, anything. Even if you have nothing to share that is okay!  Then I will go into taking the information you give into prayer and worship, seeking the Lord. 


Turnaround time for Prophetic commissions is typically 6-8 weeks from the start date, which is contingent upon the size and complexity of your artwork. Once completed, your gift of art will be perfectly packaged and shipped to you. Also, it is up to you if you would like for me to reveal your work of art to you once completed, most clients love the surprise of opening the package themselves.


All prophetic commissions are created in acrylic paint, along with texture, paint drips, sometimes gold leaf, and words of Revelation or scripture. It all adds to the creative process! Keep in mind that my concepts for prophetic pieces are usually a bit more loose than my original artwork also with the use of negative space. (Take notice of the photos on this page.) 


Because of my creative process, I do not allow revisions, or send pre-sketches. Whatever is created is beyond my control and into the hands of our Creator. But, trust the process!


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